What Are The Best Destinations For Bike Trips?

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Ready for a thrilling bike adventure? This guide lists the top places for biking trips. It’s perfect for both new riders and those looking for new challenges. You’ll find advice on where to go, like tackling epic road climbs in the European Alps, or hitting challenging mountain bike trails in North America. There’s something for everyone, from scenic coastal routes to urban cycling adventures.

Key Takeaways: Bike Trips

  • Discover the essential steps for planning your first bike trip, including choosing the best bike routes and packing essentials.
  • Learn tips for solo bike trips, focusing on safety and enjoyment, as well as how to organize and participate in group bike trips.
  • Explore the best destinations for scenic bike trips, including coastal routes, mountain towns, and urban cycling hubs.
  • Prepare for the challenges of long-distance bike trips, including budgeting, camping and accommodation options, and health and fitness considerations.
  • Enhance your bike trip experience by enjoying local cuisine, capturing memories through photography, and practicing environmental awareness.

Epic Road Climbs for Cyclists

The Piemonte region in northwestern Italy is a top spot for cyclists. It has many tough road climbs, like the famous Colle de Finestre. This climb is 11 miles long and has an average steepness of 9%. It goes up over 5,500 feet and lets you see the beautiful Cottian Alps.

Colle de Finestre, Piemonte, Italy

The Colle de Finestre is right in the middle of Piemonte. It’s well-known among cyclists all over the world for its challenge. This climb is tough, going through the Cottian Alps with an average gradient of 9%. But, the view from the top is absolutely worth it.

Col de la Croix de Fer, Le Bourg-d’Oisans, France

In the French Alps stands the Col de la Croix de Fer, a big challenge for cyclists. It’s famous for being in the Tour de France. It climbs over 5,200 feet, some parts at a steep 10% or more. Yet, those who make it to the top are treated to amazing views of the Alps and glaciers around.

Alto de Arrate, Basque Country, Spain

The Alto de Arrate in the Basque Country is a real challenge for climbers. It’s a favorite for cyclists looking to really test their legs. With its steep climbs and beautiful scenery, it’s a must for any cyclist. This climb is in northern Spain’s wild terrain.

Challenging Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain bikers seeking thrills find challenges all over. They push skills and fitness to the limit. High-altitude paths in Colorado, fun-filled spots in British Columbia, and thrilling trails in North Carolina offer unforgettable adventures.

403 to 401, Crested Butte, Colorado

The 403 to 401 trail in Crested Butte, Colorado, is both beautiful and tough. It’s a high-altitude ride full of natural paths, steep turns, and long climbs. With stunning views of the Elk Mountains, it’s a real treat for skilled bikers.

A-Line, Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, British Columbia, is famous for its A-Line trail. This route is filled with berms, jumps, and tech features. It’s known as one of the most exciting trails worldwide, mixing speed and style perfectly.

Clawhammer/Black Mountain, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest has the Clawhammer/Black Mountain trail network. These paths challenge riders with their ruggedness. They go through forests, over rocks, and steep descents needing great skill and fitness. It’s a top destination for bikers looking for adventure and breathtaking landscapes.

Scenic Road Cycling Routes

coastal bike rides

Discovering the world on a bike is a special adventure. It helps cyclists fully absorb the beautiful lands and different cultures. Some of the best cycling spots provide amazing views and tough paths. They challenge riders while showing off the stunning scenery.

Tour of Flanders, Flanders, Belgium

The Tour of Flanders is a must-see cycling event in Belgium. It takes cyclists through historic cobblestone paths and dirt roads. This event used to be very hard for road bikes but has become easier with the gravel bike trend. Now cyclists can enjoy the stunning views of the region’s climbs, scenic villages, and hills. It’s a full experience of the area’s rich history and love for cycling.

Mount Taranaki Circuit, New Plymouth/Taranaki, New Zealand

On New Zealand’s North Island is the Mount Taranaki Circuit. It’s a breathtaking route that passes through the beautiful Taranaki region. You will see the extraordinary Mount Taranaki volcano in the background. The ride includes tough climbs, exhilarating descents, and lovely coastal paths. This cycling journey displays the awe-inspiring natural sites of New Zealand.

Gravel Grinding Adventures

gravel grinding adventures

Gravel grinding is a popular passion for some cyclists. They love the excitement of riding off main roads. Instead of the usual smooth paths, they face dirt, gravel, and stones. This change adds a spark to their rides.

Barry-Roubaix, Hastings, Michigan

The Barry-Roubaix in Hastings, Michigan, is known as the world’s biggest gravel race. It welcomes more than 3,500 riders every year. Rather than just being about winning, it’s a fun event for all. The 100-mile “Psycho Killer” challenge is the race’s tough but exciting heart.

Logan Mill to Sugarloaf to Magnolia, Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, offers a fantastic gravel route. The Logan Mill to Sugarloaf to Magnolia trail is full of beautiful sights. Riders get to see the grand Rocky Mountains. They also enjoy some tricky parts that need careful biking.

After the challenge, there’s a thrilling ride back to Boulder. Here, cyclists find a lively community and great places to relax.

Rebecca’s Private Idaho, Ketchum, Idaho

Mountain biking icon Rebecca Rusch sponsors an exciting gravel event in Ketchum. Rebecca’s Private Idaho features a mix of gravel roads, from hard uphill paths to smooth ones. People come from all over to enjoy the friendly vibes and the natural beauty of Idaho. The event is a good test of skills and a chance to make new friends.

Bike Trips in Europe’s Cycling Capitals

Europe is a top spot for cyclists, with many cities known as cycling capitals. You can ride on the white gravel roads of Siena, Italy. Or bike through the lively streets of Girona, Spain. Or enjoy the rolling hills of Yorkshire, England. These places have something for every rider to enjoy.

Siena, Italy

In Tuscany, Italy, you’ll find Siena. It’s famous for the Strade Bianche. It’s a race that goes through the region’s hilly, white gravel roads. Riding these routes can let you see Tuscany’s beauty, like vineyards and olive groves. It’s a perfect way to explore the area.

Girona, Spain

Girona, in northeastern Spain, is a lovely city for cyclists. It has a great climate and a mix of terrains. From cobbled streets to countryside, there’s a lot to see. Cyclists can enjoy quiet roads and trails, getting a true feel for the place.

Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire, in northern England, is a top choice for cycling. It welcomed the Tour de France in 2014. You can ride up tough climbs like Buttertubs Pass. Besides this, the area has charming villages and beautiful nature. It’s a great place to bike.

Breathtaking Coastal Rides

Two places are perfect for cyclists who love beautiful scenery: Stavanger, Norway, and the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Canada. These spots are a must-visit for anyone on two wheels.

Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is a wealthy harbor city in southwestern Norway, known for its stunning coastal views. Cyclists can start their journey from here. They take a ferry to the Lysebotn area, where they begin a tough but rewarding climb. This climb is about 9-kilometers long and goes from sea level to a high plateau, offering incredible views of fjords and mountains.

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Canada

The Cabot Trail, located in northeastern Nova Scotia, around Cape Breton Island, is a top spot for cycling. This 185-mile loop goes through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, offering views of the Atlantic Ocean. It also showcases sea cliffs and dense forests. The route is challenging, with steep climbs and technical descents, attracting adventurous bikers.

Mountain Town Bike Trips

mountain town bike trips

If you love to ride challenging routes in amazing nature, consider visiting mountain towns. Boulder, Colorado, and Morzine in the French Alps are top choices for bike enthusiasts.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, is perfect for cyclists, with friendly locals and many trails. It has great rides, like the 80-kilometer Fearsome Foursome or easy paths around town. With the Rocky Mountains close, you can try tough climbs like Flagstaff Mountain or meandering trails in the foothills and canyons.

Boulder is more than just riding. It has a deep cycling culture with a lot of bike shops, events, and group rides. Everyone, from pros to beginners, will feel at home in this welcoming, active city.

Morzine, French Alps

The French Alps’ Morzine is a beautiful place for biking, with great sceneries. It’s famous for both road and mountain biking, with trails and climbs known by all. For road cycling, there are tough climbs like Col de la Ramaz with great views. You can even bike on famous Tour de France paths.

Mountain bikers will enjoy the Pleney Bike Park with jump lines and flow trails. It’s very close to the town and has something for everyone. Morzine offers more than just biking. Its alpine setting and lively atmosphere add to its charm. The town’s nature, history in cycling, and friendly vibe make it a top destination in the French Alps for any cyclist.

The Whole Enchilada


Moab, Utah

The Whole Enchilada in Moab, Utah, spans 35 miles with an 8,000-foot descent, making it a top pick for many bikers. This ride combines stunning views with tricky obstacles, earning its place as one of the world’s top rides. It tests your fitness and biking skills through various landscapes.

Start your adventure at the Burro Pass. You’ll ride over the La Sal Mountains and journey through alpine meadows to aspen forests. The trail’s challenges include tight turns and rocky paths that need careful biking.

This trail is tough, but conquering it offers a remarkable experience. As you ride down, you’ll see Moab’s famous red rocks and canyons. These stunning views are a reward for the daring riders.

If you love mountain biking, the Whole Enchilada is a must-do in Moab. It’s an unforgettable trail that’s part of Moab’s premier biking routes. For cyclists craving a thrilling journey, this is the place to be.

Bike Trips in Warm Climates

warm climate bike trips

Winter usually means colder days for most of us. But, cyclists looking to keep riding can find joy in warm places. The Canary Islands, near Africa, are perfect. You’ll find sunny weather, tough rides, and amazing views there.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote is famous for its volcanic lands and strong winds. It’s a tough but beautiful place to ride. Climbing Monte Corona is hard but rewarding. Many athletes love testing themselves there. The quiet roads and coastal paths make exploring Lanzarote even more special.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife is big on cycling, with something for everyone. Climb Mount Teide or ride along the coast. Both offer stunning views. Its mild climate and great weather attract both pros and cycling fans.

Chihuahua, Mexico

In Chihuahua, Mexico, cyclists find a true adventure. Its mountains and deserts are a sight to see. You can ride old Tarahumara trails or take on tough dirt roads. Plus, you’ll experience the rich local culture. Chihuahua is perfect for solo rides or group trips that you won’t forget.

Urban Cycling Destinations

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known worldwide for biking. With many locals riding through its streets and alongside canals, it’s a lively scene. Touring the city by bike lets you see its amazing museums, parks, and scenic waterways.

Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia, sits in the American South and is a great spot for biking. It has a web of bike paths and roads that take you through its history and music scene. The rides range from easy to tough, with something for every cyclist to enjoy.

Multi-Day Bike Trips

The Swiss Epic in Graubünden, Switzerland, is a five-day, 155-mile Mountain bike challenge. It shows off stunning single track and tough terrain. It’s known as one of the hardest races, letting riders enjoy the Swiss Alps’ views.

This journey goes through Graubünden, showing different terrains and views. It’s perfect for mountain bikers. The route includes alpine climbs and thrilling descents, testing riders’ strength and focus.

Riders face tough tests, like Albula Pass at over 7,800 feet. This race is a dream for serious bikers because of its scale and challenge. It’s a chance to see the world’s beautiful landscapes on a bike.

The Swiss Epic is for both pros and people who love a challenge. It’s a chance to make unforgettable memories. With its stunning views and tough routes, it’s a highlight for mountain biking fans.

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This guide has explored amazing places worldwide for biking trips. It covered the thrilling climbs in the European Alps to North America’s tough mountain paths. Also, it looked at New Zealand’s beautiful coast and the biking hotspots in cities like Amsterdam and Athens.

If you’re getting ready for your first biking adventure or you want to try new places, this guide is for you. It’s filled with ideas and tips to pick the perfect spot for your biking trip. You’ll see lots of different areas, from mountain ranges to vast plains, and have the chance to dive into local cultures and nature.

As you get set for your biking journey, keep in mind the joy of adventure, pushing yourself, and enjoying the moments you make. The places we talked about are eager to give you a memorable time on your bike, one you won’t forget. So, get your bike out, and have a great time riding!


What are the essential steps for planning a first bike trip?

Picking the best bike routes is key. It’s also crucial to pack the right things. Think about safety for solo trips and fun for group trips. Make sure you have set a budget. Do your homework on the best spots. Be ready for any challenges on long rides.

What should I pack for a bike trip?

For bike trips, bring your bike and the right gear. Don’t forget repair stuff, water, and food. Safety gear and personal items are a must too. Pack smart for the terrain and weather.

How do I stay safe and enjoy a solo bike trip?

For solo biking, plan your route well. Take essential safety gear and stay fed and hydrated. Keep an eye out and go at your own speed. Always tell someone your plans and check in often.

How do I organize and participate in a group bike trip?

Group biking needs a solid plan. Arrange for transport, a place to stay, and what to do. When in a group, talk and ride so everyone’s happy. Respect other people’s skills and choices.

How do I budget for a bike trip?

To plan your budget, think about transport, stay, food, bike upkeep, and fun extras. Know the costs of your destination. Budget for surprises.

What are the best destinations for scenic bike trips?

Great bike places include Piemonte, the Cottian Alps, and the Flemish Ardennes. Don’t miss the Tuscan fields, Norwegian fjords, or the Canary Islands’ coasts.

How do I navigate challenges on long-distance bike trips?

For long rides, you might face bad weather, bike issues, being tired, or logistics problems. Be ready, flexible, and have solutions for issues.

What are the best camping and accommodation options for bike trips?

Stay at campsites, hostels, Airbnbs, or hotels, depending on what you like. Book early for popular spots.

How do I prepare for the health and fitness demands of a bike trip?

Getting ready for a biking journey means building stamina and muscle with practice. Consider your health and food needs. Hydrate, eat well, and rest during your trip.

How can I enjoy the local cuisine on a bike trip?

Local food adds fun to your trip. Learn about the food, check out markets, and try new dishes. It’s a great way to experience local flavor.

How can I capture great memories from my bike trip?

Take photos and write in a journal. Share your story with others. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone for photos and videos.

How can I be environmentally aware on a bike trip?

Be green by not leaving a mess and being kind to nature. Throw away trash right, and watch how you affect the environment and its creatures.

How do I stay safe while riding in different weather conditions?

Riding safely in all weathers needs the right gear and careful bike handling. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Have a plan for surprises.

How can I reflect on and learn from my bike trip experience?

To learn from your biking adventures, review what worked and what didn’t. Apply what you learn to future trips. This makes you a better biker and gets you more from your rides.

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